A project manager is pushing the dial on sprint metrics
5 minute read
Introducing new product metrics to better understand your SDLC health
When's the last time you took the pulse of your SDLC? We're pulling back the curtain on a fresh set of metrics in this post. Take a look at how we're shaking things up and making software process analytics more transparent and predictable.
Brian Kurr
Brian Kurr
Lead Software Engineer
A project manager is faced with the limitations of binary project management tools.
4 minute read
From Burndown to Burnout: Part 1 — Resolution
The sad state of process analysis tools
Ever feel like your project management tools just don't cut it? We're kicking off a candid conversation about their shortcomings in our latest post. Get ready for a deep dive into the reality of work progress and process analysis.
Chris Stoll
Chris Stoll
Co-Founder | CTO
Business people racing on a tangled track
3 minute read
We Had A Bad Sprint. Here's What We Did To Get Back On Track.
Confession time…we at Bloomfilter, like most other development teams, once in a while have an off week and we don’t meet our sprint goals. Here's a rundown of how we got back on track, and what your team can do if a sprint goes off the rails.
Andrew Wolfe
Andrew Wolfe
Co-Founder | Co-CEO