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July 18, 2023

They’re Here! Big Summary and Sprint Performance MVPs Have Arrived!


In Sprint 23, we launched Summary and Sprint Performance Pages into production. We’re excited about these two new features and the direction they are taking Bloomfilter. They will continue to evolve and meet the needs of our customers. The evolution of these pages was prompted by our customers saying they wanted to get quicker answers to three core questions, what are we working on, when will it be done, and how much will it cost. We used this customer feedback to fine tune our process mining machine, and put our product design team to work to deliver these pages. 

We also brought the Burn Confidence chart “into the garage” for a tune-up to improve the historical bands of the chart so that you can fully more easily appreciate confidence to hit the target plan, based on the day of the sprint when compared to previous sprints on that same day. It’s coming back soon, with its new and improved functionality.  

Sprint goal

Our goal for Sprint 23 was to complete all planned tasks for The Big Summary and The Sprint Performance launch. 

What’s new?

The Big Summary

We’ve been steadily bringing our Summary page to life, and it’s here. This capability focuses on answering the critical questions of what are we building, when will it be ready, and how much will it cost at a portfolio level. 

  • We know that determining "when" can be the most challenging, so we've made it easier. Check out our new intuitive bar graph that visually represents completed, in-progress, and planned work. But we didn't stop there. We also provide a projection of when the project will be completed based on progress, predictability, and remaining work. The green indicator on the graph provides our first Bloomcast (our unique approach to forecasting)!
You can now view up to two featured projects with a chart that provides a visual outline of current progress (as seen with the bar chart) and the anticipated finish date (the green line). 

The Sprint Performance

Sprint 23 introduces an array of exciting elements to The Sprint Performance. Here’s a quick tour!

  • Each sprint has a revamped heading, and on the right side, a sprint period drop down menu empowering you to effortlessly navigate between project boards and switch between current and historical sprints for instant comparison of key sprint success metrics. 
  • The sprint background showcases the sprint goal and relevant links to product demos, show & tells, or sprint review inspiration. This provides context for the sprint, particularly when trying to compare historically. 

  • We also introduced an AI Summary of the sprint (in beta). This plain-language narrative summarizes the graphical information presented throughout the rest of the Sprint Performance page.
  • The Sprint Performance Score and Process Pillars were finally introduced. We’re working closely with our customers to identify how they take away actionable value from these pillars. As these pillars continue to evolve, we will implement interactive design features. These pillars are tracking how much of a team's work is actually towards their epics and initiatives. Team leaders are able to better understand their distribution of work with complexity, quality, and scope. To reference what's ready to work on and what's being held up, leaders are looking to readiness and dependency. 
  • The Flow of work, by phase illustrates,the percentage of tasks in each phase through the process by day.  This is critical for identifying bottlenecks and ensuring tasks aren’t sitting in particular phases for longer than expected. We also share interesting callouts on the progress being made, such as how many tasks were carried over from the previous sprint, helping you continue to improve your SDLC. Knowing the state of tasks by each day with Ready, Blocked, and WIP allows leaders to delegate efficiently and make sure that work tracks as expected. 
  • The Flow of work, to pace needed illustrates, by day of the sprint, the state of progress against the plan. Once again, we offer insights such as scope management, how well tasks are written, and task interdependencies so that the team can continue to identify areas of improvement. Leaders are making quick reference of On track, At Risk, and Off Track to understand the state of teams by each day of the sprint. Toggle the day with the drop down to see the comparison over the sprint period.

What else?


  • The header now displays the help icon (question mark) with the FAQs.

  • A global messaging function, promptly notifying Early Adopters to Bloomfilter updates or anticipated maintenance windows.

  • The left navigation includes “pills” to highlight new features or beta functionalities on existing pages.


  • We resolved a data retrieval issue that previously hindered fetching data spanning multiple years.  
  • We fixed a hover display issue in the Burn Tracking chart so that it accurately communicates on-track, at-risk and off-track project statuses. 

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July 6, 2023
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