Process mining to build better software and make your teams happier.

Know what you build, what it cost and when it's ready

Get answers to these fundamental questions so you can reduce risk and uncertainty in your planning and strategic thinking.

Understand where you're spending capital

Your teams are being asked to do more with less. Tracking development performance and costs over time allows you to measure progress and make informed decisions. See how much is being spent on building new features and running your software versus maintaining current systems.

Discover points of producing process waste

Whether it’s the wrong priorities, changing requirements, incorrect resource ratios, or a host of other issues most process waste is upstream and downstream of engineering. Empower your teams to improve those processes and watch velocity and efficiency climb and your costs stay under control.

Have better meetings with less prep

Aside from taking up your time, manually prepared reports from spreadsheets introduce bias and mask results. Head into meetings with clear, detailed reports created for you built off of an objective single source of truth.

Leandro Balbinot

CTO | Whole Foods Market

Bloomfilter is the first platform I have seen that gives me end-to-end control of our SDLC process flow so I can have better visibility into making the process more transparent, predictable and efficient.

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