Process mining to build better software and make your teams happier.

Create efficient engineering conversations

Hold clearer standups, 1on1s and retrospectives with objective analysis on your process in language everyone understands. Research shows that many delays stem from parts of the process upstream or downstream of engineering (UX, QA, etc.) Bringing an objective analysis to a retro avoids misplaced blame and lets your team focus on solutions.

Share impact of scope creep and unplanned work

Where is your process breaking down? Interruptions will always happen but understanding where issues and bottlenecks are coming from will drive conversations around how to grow and improve. Shared truth transforms the relationship between product teams and the business creating trust and better collaboration.

Highlight your value to the business

Show the impact your teams are having and facilitate better discussions by speaking in dollars and not just “points”.

Myron Schram

VP of Product | Intrusion

“The Bloomfilter platform has fundamentally changed the nature of our conversations with the product development organization. For the first time, we have alignment and understanding from our Board presentation all the way to the daily standups for our developers.”

Start aligning your business and tech teams with insights in about a month.

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