Process mining to build better software and make your teams happier.

Understand how software fits into your business

Finally get answers to the fundamental questions: what are we building, when will it be ready, and what will it cost? Simplified, data-driven insights to help you reduce risk and uncertainty in your planning and strategic thinking.

Produce ROI by discovering process waste

Issues like wrong priorities, changing requirements, and incorrect resource ratios slow down engineering and increase costs. Empower your teams to improve those processes and drive predictability and efficiency.

Plan and forecast with better data

As your business grows, where are new resources needed? Which strategic initiatives should be a priority? Seeing your software development data at a portfolio level will help you answer these questions with a single source of objective truth.

Michael Keithley

CIO | United Talent Agency

For 30 years, I have been asked the questions, ‘What are we building, when will we get it, and how much does it cost?’ Bloomfilter is the first platform that lets me answer those questions easily and accurately.

Start aligning your business and tech teams with insights in about a month.

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