Clarify your quarterly exec meetings

Give technical and non-technical execs clear insight on software processes.
Bloomfilter Use Case — Quarterly Exec Team Meetings.

Reshape your quarterly executive meetings with Bloomfilter

Our platform provides an automated, objective, single source of truth that helps stakeholders align on the crucial aspects of product strategy—what is being built, when to ship, and what it will cost.

Bloomfilter brings comprehensive SDLC analytics to your quarterly exec meetings.

Comprehensive SDLC process map

Use our platform to understand your entire software development lifecycle. Enable your teams to make data-driven decisions, and create a culture rooted in analytics.

Clear understanding of ROI

Lay the foundation for conversations and decisions based on cost and benefit analysis with our visualization tools. Understand how current issues will affect future commitments.

Clear understanding of ROI
Alignment on expectations and commitments

Alignment on expectations and commitments

Set clear, realistic expectations for product development timelines and deliverables. Promote transparency and efficiency across all facets of your project.

Bloomfilter brings transparent project status to your sprint reviews.

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"Bloomfilter helps us visualize data. I send screenshots of Bloomfilter to my exec team all the time. It’s very self-explanatory. It literally tells the story for you."

Myron Schram

VP of Product, Intrusion