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of software projects are late, over budget, or don’t ship
We're on a mission to reverse this statistic
Bloomfilter bridges the gap between product teams and business stakeholders to make the software development process more transparent, predictable, and efficient.
Stop guessing, start knowing.
The first step to improving a process is to understand it. Bloomfilter uses process mining to analyze time-series data from your entire stack and build a model of your team's unique software development process – and then helps you optimize it.
Stay aligned
Get objective analysis on your development process in a language everyone understands.
Eliminate guesswork
Increase predictability when scoping work and estimating when new features will ship.
Identify bottlenecks
Understand where your process breaks down, and get best practices on how to improve it.
"We founded Bloomfilter to bring thoughtfulness back into software and make it measurable, understood, and accessible to everyone."
– Andrew Wolfe
Founder and Co-CEO, Bloomfilter
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The best product teams use intuition Bloomfilter
While software development is both an art and a science, data-driven teams ship more often and innovate faster.

Measure product investment against ROI

  • Visualize cost breakdown between build, run, and maintain
  • Translate sprints and points into dollars and cents
  • Improve cost-ineffective parts of your process
Bloomfilter financials screen in mobile device.
Bloomfilter portfolio health screen in mobile device.
Portfolio Health

Evaluate project health based on current and historical data

  • See data-driven delivery date projections
  • Monitor your team’s predictability over time
  • Get suggestions to improve processes where they deviate from best practices
Sprint Analysis

Stay informed on progress and address risks early

  • Get real-time status updates of your active sprints
  • Spot risks before they become issues
  • Measure sprint scope against the likelihood of on-time completion
Bloomfilter sprint level analysis report in mobile device.
Better understanding. Better results. With Bloomfilter.

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