Case Study

How Intrusion used Bloomfilter to upgrade their development process within 30 days.


Communicate process issues and drive change through an engineering dominant culture.

Over the last couple of years, Intrusion has taken their appliance to market with great success, eliminating network-based breaches for their customers at scale.

Each one of these areas requires unique and complicated processes in order to achieve the results needed for the fast-moving cybersecurity market. On top of that, the process for keeping up with new hardware and firmware requirements is tedious and time consuming—it must be managed meticulously.

Once each area achieves its goal, the entire product must be brought together into one package that can be delivered to customers. This is a unique challenge because each team requires different cadences for their work, have different sets of requirements and have different processes to manage their own intricacies.

Due to the unique nature of their business, Myron Schram, VP of Product, has struggled to effectively communicate and drive process changes to increase their rate of innovation.



Cyber Security Hardware

In 2018, Intrusion launched a network appliance that would sit between an internal network and the rest of the internet, using their unique 1 billion+ IP address database.

  • Data science & data set management
  • High scale firmware
  • Hardware product
  • Analytics
  • Management console
  • Multi-tenancy


From “excels and powerpoints” to Bloomfilter, “a game-changing platform.”

Intrusion was trying to manage their complex processes and reporting with “excels and PowerPoints,” shares Myron.

“We were exporting data from Jira into a spreadsheet, and then I had to transform that data into something useful for a specific audience. It was a huge waste of time, and resulted in data that was perpetually out of date.”

And then, Bloomfilter.

Since Bloomfilter, Myron “can’t recall the last time” he’s used Excel to understand his processes.

Remember the complexity of Intrusion’s SDLC?

For Myron and his team, accurate process management is crucial not only for meeting their targets, but also for effectively managing the company’s intricate software delivery process.

And thanks to Bloomfilter, the team now has “a common platform and language that all key stakeholders including the CEO and COO use to discuss the software development process.”


Value realized within 30 days

As a publicly traded company with ambitious growth plans over the next few years, Intrusion has and will experience a lot of growth (and change).

"Bloomfilter has excelled at calling out key process issues that were blocking our engineers from getting their work done and hitting their commitments, which I expected. What I didn't expect was how incredibly accurate Bloomfilter proved to be after just one month."

Our unique Burn Flow visualization has also been a big plus for Myron and team. He can see where work is piling up, plus understand this in-context of shared resources that may be causing delays.

Myron Schram

VP of Product

“The Bloomfilter platform has fundamentally changed the nature of our conversations with the product development organization. For the first time, we have alignment and understanding from our Board presentation all the way to the daily standups for our developers.”

Bloomfilter answers key questions objectively and in real time

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