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Why the Everest Group Singled Out Bloomfilter’s Unique Success

Last month, Bloomfilter was featured in one of the Everest Group’s landmark industry and technology reports. Needless to say, we were pretty excited. These reports have become reliable indicators of what is happening in our increasingly complex world. As such, they’re read far and wide by anyone curious about what they should be paying attention to. 

So all of this is a big deal for us — but it’s also not that much of a surprise. The spotlight that the Everest Group has given us is only the most recent testament to the powerful capabilities of our platform. It’s evidence that more organizations are waking up to just what we can do.

What the Everest Group saw — and why you should care

Anyone involved in the application services industry knows that it is undergoing a period of rapid evolution and growth. So much so that keeping up with this pace of change has proved difficult for many organizations. According to McKinsey, 78 percent of software projects tend to overshoot timelines and budgets or, even worse, never even see the light of day.

This is the context that the Everest Group’s report arrives in. Titled “Application Services: How Application Automation Is Being Redefined with the Evolving Technology Landscape,” it takes a close look at the still nascent field of application automation and how it can dramatically enhance productivity and efficiency across the development lifecycle. Specifically, the report spotlights the process management roadmap organizations should follow to optimize their success. 

By empowering you to make real-time adjustments to keep your projects on track and on budget, the Everest Group says, Bloomfilter’s generative AI software will not only help you navigate today’s complex project landscape, but also give you a new perspective on process management. We accomplish this by helping you become more observable, predictable, and efficient.

Building a better process starts with observability 

Before any meaningful improvements can be made, you have to first know what needs to be improved. However, with constantly evolving tasks and shifting deadlines and changes in scope, this can often feel impossible. Bloomfilter addresses this challenge head on with our spring review functionality. This empowers your team to clearly identify meaningful objectives for improvement, giving everyone common goals and helping to promote a more collaborative ethos across projects.

And because Bloomfilter can integrate directly into your ticketing system, we’ll help facilitate a seamless alignment of workflows across different platforms. That means no wasted time as you jump between Jira, GitHub, and Figma, to name a few. Plus, when a sprint concludes, we’ll provide you with an invaluable retrospective glance of its performance. This will help you understand what went right and still needs work, giving you a conduit for refining your processes and elevating team performance.

Shipping projects on time requires predictability

In order to save time and money during your development process, you’ll have to do more than just ride the waves of today’s volatile economic market — you’ll need to get ahead of it. A crucial part of this is eliminating guesswork. Bloomfilter’s generative AI allows you to do this by building predictability into your processes. 

What’s this look like? As your team checks off tasks, we can give you an accurate completion rate so that you get a better understanding of what your team will get done during each sprint. This means you’ll be in a position to make more informed decisions, efficiently allocate resources, and reprioritize tasks and responsibilities. And if a sprint has tasks that we don’t predict your team will be able to complete, you’ll have enough runway to catch the problem and make critical adjustments before it’s too late.

Better data helps keep you efficient

Everyone wants to be more efficient — and many teams are able to improve their processes for a sprint or two — but maintaining efficiency over the long-term can be elusive. However, Bloomfilter achieves this by tying efficiency directly with cost-effectiveness. 

With our unique capabilities, project managers can assign a monetary value to projects in order to see just how much they are saving in real-time. This transforms the work of staying under budget into a simple task, giving you a tangible strategic advantage over your competition. This kind of financial clarity not only streamlines budget management and helps you make more informed decisions, but also cultivates a culture of accountability. With all this in place, you’ll have the groundwork for a more enhanced and agile operation.

Get the answers you need to grow

As the Everest Group recognized, Bloomfilter has long been a platform projects managers can depend on when they need to both meet and exceed their benchmarks. We pride ourselves on this, as well as being a product that will grow alongside you, helping you to embrace your missteps and turn them into fuel for future improvements. After all, the road to perfection is paved with lessons learned.

Trust Bloomfilter to transform those lessons into a staircase to project success by making your operations more observable, predictable, and efficient.

Erik Severinghaus

Co-Founder | Co-CEO

Erik is an entrepreneur, innovator, author, and adventurer who’s been featured in Fortune, Forbes, and The Wall St. Journal. His track record includes profitable exits from iContact (Vocus), SimpleRelevance (Rise Interactive), and SpringCM (DocuSign). Erik released his first book in 2021, Scale Your Everest, a guidebook for mental health, resilience and entrepreneurship. As an endurance athlete, Erik has conquered some of the world's tallest peaks, including Mt. Everest in 2018.