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Breaking news: Bloomfilter and SoftServe team up to improve the SDLC

From the beginning, our mission at Bloomfilter has been to improve the software development process. Our goal is to make it more measurable, more efficient, and more beneficial for everyone involved. To accomplish this, we created the very first process intelligence platform for software development, enabling businesses to gain new insights into their SDLC, align on priorities, and understand how to operate more intelligently — an approach that’s already earning us accolades.

But we’re not stopping there. In fact, we’re constantly thinking up new ways we can help improve the SDLC for organizations of all types. That’s why we’re thrilled to finally announce the result of our recent partnership with SoftServe: DevIQ.

Introducing DevIQ

Softserve has long been known known for its cutting-edge digital services, as well as for its top-tier IT consulting (as evidenced by its outstanding NPS), SoftServe wanted to go even further by helping teams discover hidden inefficiencies in their software development lifecycle. To do this, they came to us. Powered by the Bloomfilter platform, SoftServe’s new DevIQ advisory service allows organizations to get a comprehensive and transparent view of their entire development process.

In addition to giving more organizations access to our process mining intelligence capabilities, the DevIQ advisory service will help them unlock their innovation potential, enabling them to stay ahead of the curve in an ever-evolving software landscape. What’s more, with its focus on predictability, DevIQ makes it easier to ensure software projects are delivered on time, within budget, and with superior quality. And by bringing observability and efficiency to the forefront of software projects, DevIQ will help identify bottlenecks and other areas that require action.

This strategic partnership between Bloomfilter and SoftServe is a milestone in software development. By pairing process mining intelligence with the advisory capabilities of SoftServe, we can now help more organizations ensure their development efforts are productive, streamlined, and effective. In turn, this enables them to better align their software development processes with their strategic business objectives.

And the results are already coming in. For organizations within the telecommunication and nonprofit industries, DevIQ has helped transform their technology delivery capabilities and global member engagement. The result has been up to a 30 percent reduction in time-to-market.

Agile transformations for everyone

We couldn’t be more excited about how the DevIQ advisory service is going to help reach more organizations and maximize their software development process. But maybe Chuck Ros, SoftServe’s Industry Success Leader for High Tech and Emerging Markets, said it best: “DevIQ enables users to gain invaluable wisdom into the inner workings of software development. It’s a complete game changer for our clients.”

Check out the DevIQ webpage for more info.

Erik Severinghaus

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